Solo Ads Are One Of The Quickest
Ways To Build Your List

But Wait  - What actually IS a Solo Ad?

Definition: "A True Solo Ad is just that "a solo".
Which in my book is ONE link, sent for ONE offer, for ONE person.
It's as simple as that!

THAT is exactly what I do for you here.

No Rotators Used - No Redirected Traffic
I provide High Quality Leads - NOT just Quick Clicks


Luke Davenport

First, Gary is a super cool guy and I have worked with him since I started marketing online. Second, I received 134 total clicks 119 unique and converted those visitors into 53 leads! The best part though, is that they are DOUBLE optins. Completely confirmed. I recommend you to buy from Gary RIGHT NOW instead of wasting your time with other solo sellers. Get serious with Mr Lewis.

Thanks, -Luke


How It Works

Your APPROVED ad will be sent out to my list, and my list only, with a dedicated swipe that either you provide, or I can also write one for you upon request.
Free offers with a good funnel will work the best and get you the most return for your money. Once your ad is approved, I will ask you to pay thru Paypal.
You will then be scheduled into a spot. It's that easy.

Most Important Factor To Remember

I do NOT redirect your link once it reaches the allotted amount. This means YOU receive more clicks than purchased and you will NOT get spillover from other solos. I sell TRUE solo ads
targetted at YOUR offer. 

250 Unique Clicks for $89

I do not use rotators - No Redirected traffic - Only YOUR link is sent out - Link is left open at the end. Free offers work the best - All clicks will be tracked, confirmed and a screen shot of clicks will be provided to you when finished.

500 Unique Clicks for $175

I do not use rotators - Only YOUR link is sent out - Link is left open at the end.
Free offers work the best - All clicks will be tracked, confirmed and a screen shot of clicks will be provided to you when finished.

1000 Unique Clicks for $350

Please allow a little extra time to obtain this many clicks depending on the offer.
 I do not use rotators - Only YOUR link is sent out - Link is left open at the end. Free offers work the best - All clicks will be tracked, confirmed and a screen shot of clicks will be provided to you when finished.

Solo Guide Lines

It іѕ up tο уου tο hаνе a gοοd converting offer plus sales funnel and
tο know hοw well уουr squeeze page converts. I CANNOT determine thе results уου wіll receive and will not be held responsible.

Thе Onlу Thing I саn guarantee іѕ the amount of clicks purchased will be delivered as promised, plus more. Please check out what people have said below...

Customer Testamonials


After purchasing many solos from Craig and Gary over the past few months, the quality always stays consistent. Upon completion of the agreed number of clicks, Craig sends me a screen shot and the clicks continue to come in.. All those extra subs & sales add up, which very few solo senders do these days.. What more can you ask for??! Highly recommended and honest solos.

Kevin Fahey



Angelo Sayson
Just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with my solo purchase from you. I know some people would write testimonials for other solo providers saying how fast they have received the clicks purchased and how reliable the solo vendor was or that they got so many optins, but they NEVER really reveal the ACTUAL stats of their results. So in the end, you're still left wondering if they're not just sugar-coating their claims. But here, I'm actually gonna show everyone the ACTUAL results that I got from your solo and let it do the talking...

Thanks for the TOP QUALITY solo ad!
Click Here To See Results



"Hey Gary, just wanted to say a giant "Thank You!" for all the great solos you've given me over the past few months. Every single time, you've always overdelivered with the amount of clicks and quality of traffic - and results speak for themselves! I always recommend your solo ads to my students, and I encourage anyone to try just ONE of Gary's solo ads - you'll never look back. Thanks again buddy!"

James Francis



Hey Craig and Gary,
I wanted to take a moment and thank you for providing such excellent service and helping me to grow my Online Business. More specifically, the solo(s) that you provide. You always over-deliver and the quality is unmatched. You will always have me as customer. Thanks again for the quality services you provide. Keep up the good work!!!! Thanks!

Mark Gurney
Online Profits, Inc.



There is no questioning if you made the right decision when purchasing traffic from Craig and Gary.  I’m personally very particular and pick through the traffic I receive daily and can’t say a bad thing about the solos I've purchased from these guys.  And on top of it all, they are great guys and easy to do business with!

Grayson Brookshire  



Looking for quality traffic? These guys can definitely help you out!
Craig and Gary's biggest concern is quality. The targeted traffic they sent me converted 15-20% more than regular traffic. And the sales it made me just returned my investment... Talk about free subscribers!  Gary, Craig, you guys are on my "buy more solo ads from" list!

Atheer Fendi



I just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate your guidance in growing my online business. You ALWAYS over deliver, and in a timely manner, whether it is providing top-notch Solo Ads, training, guidance or advice.  You guys are gentlemen in all aspects. Thanks for always making yourself available and your assistance will never be forgotten. Two of the most important items that make a solo great is to add subs along with sales. Your solo always over deliver on both !!! Keep up the good work....I will always be a buyer....!! 

William Barrett 



Hey Craig and Gary,
I wanted to quickly say Thanks for helping me to place 3rd in a recent contest for the "viral Tweet Builder" that you advertised for me. The response was fabulous. The extra sales I got pushed me past some very big names in Internet Marketing. As a matter of fact, I'm watching my new 27" TV now thanks to you guys :) You can bet that any time I need quality traffic to any of my offers, you and just a few others are the only people I'll do business with. Good Job !

Robert "Bobby Mac" McMillan 



"HIGHLY Recommended!"
Craig and Gary delivered all the clicks they said they would and much more! They handled everything very professionally, the entire transaction went smoothly. I will be back again and again. If you are looking to be treated right, you came to the right place.  Thanks again guys! Can't wait to work together again. You're awesome man! It was a pleasure!

Chris Jenkins



Thanks guys for your awesome solo! I got the clicks within just a few hours and the results were great! I'd recommend Craig and Gary anytime. You definitely will get your money's worth!

Brocha Weiss



Craig and Gary's solo ads rock! Simply amazing results I have had from
their solo ads. That's why I keep coming back to purchase more
and more solo ads from them. I always get sales from their solo ads, so
that tells you something about how responsive their lists are.
I am one happy customer and will highly recommend their solo ads to anyone.

Jay Latour



I have done plenty of solos with Craig and Gary. They have always delivered quickly and without any issues! They have really over delivered in my eyes and I will be buying many more solos from them in the future.

Jayson Benoit 


I have purchased many solos from Craig and Gary over the past few months and I have been very pleased with the results of all of them, Craig is a great guy to communicate with and he always look after his solo ad buyers. If you want to turn up your traffic with a great solo ad, Craig and Gary are your guys.

Sean Storey



Thanks for your awesome service.

I like your flexibility and easy scheduling. That is why you see me keep buying solo ads from you.
I have to admit, not all ads I buy make profit. Some break even, some profit and some lose.
Flexible scheduling is the most important factor to me...I consider myself as one of the most loyal customers you have :)
Overall, I am happy to buy solo ads from you and will continue to do so...

Ken Sar





Looking Forward To Helping You Build Your List Fast
So You Can Start Making Some Real Money!

PLease contact me to get your offer pre-approved
The easiest way is thru skype
Skype ID - gary_llewis  

Gary LLewis

or email
solos @


NO Refund Policy: There are No Refunds For Any Reason.

*I CANNOT determine the results you will receive with your solo ad. It is up to you to have a good converting offer and sales funnel. The Only Thing I can guarantee is the number of clicks purchased will be delivered to your website.*

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